We are a Colony of 4,200 Fun Loving Fluffy Hamster NFTs — digital Utility PFP collectibles living on the Solana blockchain. Join our fun 2D Game Dev journey.

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We designed “Fluffy Hamsters” to make some fun Utility PFP’s and expand our smart contract (NFT) knowledge, as we work on first and fun 2D shooter game.

Yes, you are early for the party and the mint is live. How cool is that! 

You can get a hamster as long as some are left. All proceeds go to both working on something new for this project, and also to allow us to work on our game. Some will absolutely go to coffee and donuts. 

We appreciate everyone joining us on this journey. 

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Some time ago, these Fluffy Hamsters got out of their cages, and something amazing happened. They evolved into happy companions

Cute but naive, they were tricked by a couple of bunnies to believe that if you love something, you have to put it on your head. And so they did!

They thought this was normal for years until a cute little chicken told them the truth. Surprised and angry at the bunnies, they choose to stay happy and keep on with their tradition. Nothing was to lessen their spirit.

Buuuuut let’s just say they don’t talk to the bunnies anymore. In fact, they tried to trick them with a bom… well, maybe more about that later. 

For now, the Fluffy Hamster colony is full of cosplay-loving hamsters, and they are all very excited to see who gets to be your new companion and hamster-in-arms.



Buying a Fluffy Hamsters Collectible NFT costs only 0.10 SOL.
We have adapted the project and price to better fit a moving market.

Follow us on Twitter and join Discord to be a part of the journey.

Note: We will withhold 100 Random Hamsters from the sale. These will be used for giveaways, partnerships, rewards—and the creators’ membership invitations.


Get your Fluffy Hamsters NFT today @ 0.10 SOL 

Click the link to mint and read about the Mint-As-You-GO (MAYG) under our FAQ. Not a paper hands project. We are here to build a community.



We’re in this for the long haul.

We’ve set up some stretch goals for ourselves. Once we hit a target sell-through percentage, we will begin to work on realizing the stated goal.

Then we also have our overall roadmap you can check out.

25% SOLD

⦾ NFT & $OL Giveaway on Discord and for Holders
⦾ Do more PR push for the project

50% SOLD

⦾ Trading: Submit collection for ME & Solanart Marketplace
⦾ Live AMA: Let’s talk Hamsters and Mevatar

75% SOLD

⦾ Create animations and Sneaky Bunny NFTs
⦾ Raffle Airdrop new NFTs and animations to Holders

100% SOLD

⦾ Grand NFT & $SOL Giveaway for Holders
⦾ Hire project support staff for Socials
⦾ Live AMA: Community to help decide what is next!



With 144 unique attributes, your Fluffy Hamster will be truly one of a kind

No two Fluffy Hamsters will be the same. Each Fluffy Hamsters is generated with attributes based on rarity. From hats, glasses, gold, fur, clothes, pets, and even legendary bunny ears.



Find your kindred happy spirit among the uniquely designed 4,200 Fluffy Hamsters. Each crazy personality is unique, ready for your friendship.

The smartest hamster scientists have also hidden something for future utilities, but you know what, it’s probably nothing. 



No common hamsters here. They are all a bit crazy and love to put stuff on their heads. 



A step-up in value and rarity, these fluffy happy hamsters are ready to throw a party. Do you get a hungry one?



Starting at this tier the Fluffy Hamsters go beyond with premium trait combinations and party moods.



These are… wait for it…
Legendary and second most rare traits. Unique hamsters anyone would love.



This is the absolute rarest and most valuable traits in the colony. They tend to also be the most business-savvy. 



We are three ambitious developers and artists, who created Boom Bunny Studio to give life to an old dream of a different type of game studio.

We imagine a game studio with the community at its heart – where you, the gamer, are the core of our creative experience.

Information and transparency are essential. No secret ownership or fear of rug pulls. We are a registered public business to create something new and entertaining.

Our main company is Coinway Capital LLC, where Boom Bunny Studio is our creative game studio.



Any happy hamster needs human friends, and here we are three that love to create and entertain. Hamsters are where we begin the journey.



Co-hamster and unicorn in brand, marketing, web design, and artist.



Co-hamster and crypto fanboy, professional 3D Artist & Developer.



Co-hamster and business master with a passion for Unity level designer.



We had a hamster sitdown and wrote down some answers we thought you might want to know. If you want to know more please join our Discord server.

NFT stands for “Non-Fungible Token” and is a fancy term for a unique, digital item whose ownership is forever proven and stored by a blockchain. An NFT could be digital artwork, a collectible, an event ticket, a piece of music, an in-game item, and much more.

Some purchase NFTs to support a project to something more splendid, some to support an artist or a cause, some to engage in collectible trading, and some NFTs are digital “flexes” (like a Rolex). More and more NFTs now also offer utilities such as exclusive access to communities, websites, products, or participation in events.

If you want to know a little more, you can watch the excellent video “NFTs, Explained.” by Johnny Harris.

We opened our webpage and socials on January 30th, 2022.

Whitelist minting was done Friday, February 18th, 2022 and our Mint-As-You-Go (Public Mint) started on Saturday 19th, February, 2022. We had 1,346 followers on Twitter and 134 Discord members at the time of public sales.

Join our Discord Community here.

Follow us on Twitter here.

We take a different approach to selling and we named it Mint-As-You-Go (MAYG.) As long as there are hamsters to mint, you can get one and join in the community.

We are not a paper hands project or a quick dollar flip project. We are in this for the long haul and value.

Fluffy Hamsters is a support project to our development of our first 2D Game and the benefits you get through that support. 

The Roadmap will be activated as the sales progress and we will also list the collection to marketplaces.

We have no intentions of being like everyone else. We are a long term project, that focus on providing long term values to those who buy and support us. 

You might not agree with us, and that is okay. We do this with big ambitions. If you just want to flip something fast, then you might not be at the right project 🙂

We hope to see you in our discord and community.

Buying a Fluffy Hamsters NFT costs only 0.10 SOL (check today’s rate) per NFT minting + the transaction fees charged by the Solana blockchain (gas fee). The gas fee is usually under one dollar, so nothing like the crazy $100+ on Ethereum.

Please note, that on 2/21/22, we adjusted the project cost and roadmap to better fit the market. All buyers were compensated.

Follow us on Twitter and join Discord to be the first to know.

Our initial Fluffy Hamsters release will be 4,200 uniquely crafted NFT graphics. After that, there will be no more added.

Originally it was 10,000 NFTs, but we lowered it to to increase the rarity and strengthen the community.

As the project grows, we plan to create one more character for the story and utilities. 

Oh boy, yes. 144 attributes that make up for around 1,148,647,500 possible combinations. This makes sure that your NFT will be one of a kind.

We have a pretty good page where you can see all the attributes and their rarities visually listed. Check out the “Rarity & Attributes” page here.

First off, no, the collection is not animated. The animated Fluffy Hamsters used on the website enhance the colony’s experience. Who knows? A part of the roadmap is to airdrop some to holders later on. You can read more about the NFT specifications here.

That brings us to utilities. Yes, owning a Fluffy Hamsters NFT doubles as your membership to our Boom Bunny Game Studio Community. You also get access to the 4K resolution NFT so you can print them for decor. Lastly, each NFT will grant a 3D Hamster Pet in our Mevatar MMO game down the road.

Learn more about the utilities here.

Check out the Roadmap here.

Our NFT works on the Solana Blockchain, so you need to buy SOL (Solana Coin) on an exchange like Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, or similar. The exchange must be able to send your coins to an external wallet address.

Then you create a Solana wallet. We recommend using either Phantom or Solflare.

You then send the coins from the exchange wallet to your personal wallet when done.

Go to our website and click “MINT” when we go live, and you follow the process to purchase the NFT.

We are making a guide for you, but we found a great (un-affiliated) video for you that can guide you until then.

Welcome to the fantastic world of NFTs.

Diamond hands hamster says yes. As soon as our minting sales reach 50%, we will apply to the leading Solana marketplaces to get the collection featured. We will also consider getting the collection added to Rarity Tools.

You can read more about secondhand marketplace trading on our NFT Specification page.

Sorry, no. We don’t think that it makes any sense to try and “manipulate” the secondary market. Projects that say they do that, sound more like they don’t have a plan and don’t believe in their product and journey. 

We love our Hamsters and am sure others will too. As we go down the journey with the project and the cross-over benefits with Mevatar.com, we are certain things will work out.

We got you! Read about your ownership and copyrights under our Terms & Conditions here.

Like anything in our digital world, safety is important. Get yourself a Password app to safeguard your passwords and always use different passwords for every site.

In crypto there are three things to remember:

  • Never share your wallet password.
  • Don’t keep your Main crypto and NFTs in the same wallet you use to mint on random sites!
  • When you have a good amount of crypto and NFTs, consider using a Hardware wallet, like Ledger X, to store them.

Ledger.com has a great article about how you can safeguard your wallet and NFTs. Give it a read here