Let’s take a closer look at the more technical aspects and specifications that makes up our Fluffy Hamsters Genesis Collection.

Blockchain & Minting

  • We mint on the Solana Blockchain.
  • Whitelist minting was Friday 18th, February 2022 at 12:00 PM EST or 06:00 PM UTC.
  • MAYG (Mint-As-You-Go) or Public minting started Saturday, February 19th, 2022 at 11:00 EST or 04:00 UTC.
  • 4,200 unique and funny NFTs are forever stored on the blockchain.
  • The initial whitelist mint price was 0.35 SOL and public mint 0.45 SOL (see the current rate on CoinGecko).
  • Project price and roadmap was updated to match community expectations on 2/20/22. Price updated to 0.10 SOL and buyers refunded.

Why use the Solana Blockchain?

That answer is simple. Cost, Speed & Utility.

Cost ) We want you not to waste money! While Ethereum has the lead in the NFT space, we think it is crazy that minting an NFT can cost the buyer between $45-250 per mint in gas fees (transaction fees.) On Solana, this is down to under a dollar. Yup. We didn’t need a CPA to do that math 🙂

Speed ) Solana kicks Ethereum’s bit in speed and stability (at least until ETH goes PoS.) Ethereum can do 15-45 TPS (transactions-per-second), whereas Solana can handle 50,000 TPS. This means that people minting on ETH can also experience losing the gas fee during network congestion. 

Utility ) We love Metaplex and the community around it with amazing creators on Github. Solana also offers a really cool creator royalty feature, where we add a royalty % when traded to help grow the community fund and brand. On Solana, this royalty is transferrable to any marketplace, where the Ethereum chain doesn’t have this feature at all. Only each listing marketplace sets a typical 10% royalty fee. So if someone sold the NFT on another marketplace, the royalty goes away. So this part honers creators and the community.

We also like the Solana whitepaper and that it is easy to make applications on, which in turn makes the ecosystem expand fast. With all this said, we can’t wait to give ETH PoS a try or maybe even Polygon later on.

It’s crypto. What’s not to love 🙂 

NFT Specifications

  • We created the artwork using pixel art design in Affinity Designer and Adobe Photoshop.
  • The base design was done in 64×64 pixel format.
  • The final NFT (PNG) image size is 4096×4096 px in 300 DPI so they will look good in prints.
  • A total of 144 attributes over 8 categories .
  • Around 1,148,647,500 possible combinations.
  • One secret attribute that will have benefits later on.

Secondary Market (trading)

  • We will apply to get our collection added to the leading Solana Marketplaces, such as Magic Eden and Solanart.
  • All our NFTs have a 5% Royalty fee. 0.5% goes to each artist/creator and 3.5% goes to the project wallet for growth.

DAO & Utilities

  • Each NFT itself doubles as your exclusive membership Boom Bunny Studio Community.
  • Get access to exclusive merchandise, animations, voxels, and giveaways.
  • Direct access to Mevatar Whitelist.
  • Each Fluffy Hamsters OG holder will get a one-time distributed (per NFT) ingame 3D Mevatar Pet when the game comes out.

* ) We will start our work on each of these elements as our minting roadmap is completed. 

**) It will not be limited to these utilities. As we grow, we will always aim to grow the project and community benefits.

Copyright & Ownership

Please read about your protected ownership and copyright under our Terms & Conditions here.